Final Video Draft-Unit 4

This Unit has been an interesting one starting with frustration and ending with a sense of accomplishment. I learned through working on this project that there are a lot of factors going into filming that I never really thought about. Like story boards and camera angles as some examples of concepts I learned while working on this project. From my first video draft I didn’t really have enough solid footage. So a big change from my draft to my final is I got myself and Rick a friend of mine into the studio to quickly capture a take on this upcoming matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars. I felt that this was the best way to finish up the video with some actual footage of myself talking behind a microphone. I also noticed that a few of my critiques were to remove the background music when I was talking as it was distracting. Though I made the decision to keep it in. My video didn’t seem to have much to offer audio wise without that so I kept and it also made the scenes a bit more watchable. I added a few more video transitions to show my understanding on how to use the program. All in all I’m satisfied with my project. The hardest part about this unit was figuring out how to use the newer edition premiere when the tutorials provided were a bit outdated. So things weren’t that easy for me to figure out at first. Though with practice and effort I figured it out. What really liked was filming in general or looking for the right time to film. I also like using a few different filming angles trying to see how they would all look together. It turned into a puzzle trying to match them all together and it was really fun. I had a blast being on KUGR and as the semester ends I feel that from this class I did learn a lot about multimedia creation. I already used some of the things I’ve learned in this class for other projects in other classes so this was a great class to take.  I look forward to what ill get into next.


Jeremy Schuler

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Video Draft Post Unit 4

This has been an interesting couple of weeks. I haven’t really had opportunities to get real good footage yet. Though with dead week coming up and a lot of chaos in my life dies down I think its going to be a good filming week moving forward for the final draft post. That being said for my video I went around campus finding shots of the brick buildings, because I really enjoy the sight of brick buildings it brings a super old school feeling to me like the early 1900’s time. I tried to get as many different angles when it came to the buildings. Using the 10 second sometime 30 second rule to capture the environment around campus. My topic for this semester has been based on my participation in KUGR. I wanted to capture the beauty found around campus and tell a quick story about my short time with KUGR. So I recorded my self narrating my experiences from the beginning. I used my mobile device to record the narration and touched it up on audition. I from there used what I had already edited using the raw footage from the earlier assignment to put together a short clip. I played around with a few transitions seeing what would work better and give some spice to this video. I switch to first person view while I walked up the stairs at Murrow in a sense trying to recreate the first time I went to KUGR. This is only a draft and is still under review that is why I put the to be continued page at the end. I want to see what critiques I get from my peers who can help me try different things that I did not think about. Though looking ahead for the final draft I want to actually get some footage of me actually in the studio. I think that would be a solid part of the story especially since I have almost a full minute until I reach the limit. I look forward to hearing your guys ideas to help me improve my product.

Look forward from hearing from you,

Jeremy Schuler

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Raw Footage and Story Board

com210-storyboard-templateFor my Story board I made just a general outline. In which I want to go by. I plan on getting shots around campus, because I’m going to go with a narrative story about me first arriving at WSU and being in awe of my surroundings and realizing I’m at an actual university. I then want to talk about my experiences. I want to focus the story about my path towards KUGR and how I started falling in love with broadcasting. I then want to move on with the final cut with me behind the camera answering questions interview style. My story is subject to change that is with the TBA and the actual timeline may go up to 2 minuets depending on the amount of content I get.  Below are some of the shots I acquired and more to come.

Unit 4 Tutorials

I had a rough time with these tutorials. I feel moving forward my skill with this program will improve greatly as I get to know it. I felt the programs used in the tutorial are a bit out dated and had me confused at times. Though at the end of the day I took this class to learn how to use these programs and I’m well on my way. Below are the attached files. Not my best work, but I’m still learning.

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 1

Final Draft Post-Audition

For the final draft I took some advice from the comments and critique I received and made some changes. I first added some background music which I found a free to use song on YouTube that I felt would fit. I then made it fade in at the intro and fade out at the outro. I also wanted to add some kind of radio intro. So I did my best deep cliché voice that we always hear on the radio for my introduction to the show. I kept the old post content, which was already spliced and fit together to keep the flow of the conversation going. There were a lot of pauses and dead space that really made the interview sound choppy. So I deleted some of the dead space and filler words to make it smoother. I wanted to take some of the techniques I learned from the tutorials and apply them to my draft.  So I recorded myself giving a quick description of what each sound clip was about. I feel that my computer microphone seems to be a different quality then my smart phone microphone which is the only thing I didn’t really like about my post. Though I wanted to keep sound quality changing to demonstrate my ability to fit different recordings together. The last part of my clip is just myself talking about the week 7 of the NFL season which was a wild one. I wanted to add a plug for my show at the end. So I recorded myself with my pitch and had the music return to add some character to the recording. I basically used different clips and tied them in all together to make them sound the way I wanted them too. I think with a little more practice with this program I can make some good quality recordings in the future.

The music in the background I got from a free to use source on YouTube.

Audition Story Draft

The audio attached is a interview with a casual fan of the Seahawks Jake Carney. I wanted to get a perspective on the Seahawks from someone that is not a huge sports fan. I find it interesting on how the team and players are viewed from someone that doesn’t follow the team as closely as some of the other hardcore fans who can name the starting offensive line and the back ups and even throw out names of players that the Seahawks should pick up. With the second part of the recording I used a sample of a take from my show about the NFL. I talked about how surprising and unpredictable the season has been. I recorded myself introducing each clip, because that was what I learned in the tutorials. I wanted to get one interview and one narration as to demonstrate a contrast in what radio broadcasters may play on air. I also edited the interview to cut out the spaces in between responses and explanations so it would be more fluid and not stagnate. Though this is just a draft, I have another show coming up this next Tuesday so I may collect better material. I also am thinking about adding some music tones I find in the commons to kind of simulate a radio ad you may hear and use it to plug my show on KUGR.  I not all the way satisfied with the content I collected so I might go and maybe interview a writer and student broadcaster for WSU at the football games for my final draft. My goal with this is to give some insight in what it takes to prepare to call games or do a radio show. Also to help me grow as a interviewer and broadcaster. I look forward to working on this project further.

Raw Audio Footage

These were some takes on the NFL this week that I did on my radio show Sports Take on KUGR on Tuesday. In the future for this assignment I will try and get an interview, but these were just some key points on the sports topics today on the radio.

Unit 2 Logo Draft

When I originally was sketching out logos for what direction I wanted to go with my logo I picked a bearded face with a hat, because well I’m a veteran and most vets have beards and big bushy ones as well. Especially ones that just got out of the military after shaving for so long. I have limited skills when it comes to Illustrator as I’m finding out. I couldn’t really find a way to make a beard the way that I really wanted too. So I just started messing around with illustrator trying to find a logo idea. I wanted at first, to make a logo that was abstract. Like an Image or a Symbol for my show.  I made what looked like a robot head with a triangle with slashes inside the triangle made of multiple colors. I wanted my logo to be colorful. I feel a colorful logo really attracts the eyes of people. I then tried to focus on my projects focus around radio and I found a old school looking mic on the internet just to see the shapes and maybe how to draw it. It didn’t turn out like I hoped so I then went to image and traced and expanded it. I then copied the parts that were left over from the dark spots of the microphone and placed it in illustrator and started messing around with it. I tried to make it look orange in the background to bring color which was my focus into my logo. In my opinion it ended up looking like a tiger egg. I started thinking my audience wouldn’t respond well to it so I shifted my focus to making a simpler logo for a bases. I removed the color orange from the microphone and added some rings around it and some titles I made with type and I stopped there. It was a simple design, and I think the simpler the better. Especially if you have no bases to build upon. Just look at the Nike swoosh they didn’t like their logo and it was a simple design and now its an icon. Below is my logo.

I would like to give credit for helping me get a design for my logo for those black marks that are supposed to be a microphone which I got from:



Illustrator Tutorials

Ai Tutorial 4AI TUT 1AI Tutorial 2AI Tutorial 3

Above are some of the Illustrator Tutorials for unit 2 for com 210. I had a lot of trouble with the cougar logo trace tutorial due to the small technical things that it required me to do. Even though I struggle and I do not like my finished product at all, its a start. I have a small amount of experience with Illustrator and I am hoping on expanding that knowledge as I move forward in this unit. I feel that this program will be easy for me to pick up and I do  look forward  to improving my skill. I think for my final project in this unit I want to focus on designing a logo for my KUGR show so I can get a bases down for something to work more on. I hope you guys all get a chance to see my further development during this unit.

Final Draft For Project 1

Finally, we have made it here to the final draft of my unit 1 project. With the first draft I used the feedback I got to really make the text in my project stand out. I remember in the tutorials using the box tool to make a label like square to make the text stand out. So I decided to add the red boxes as labels, because red stands out and I like the simple colors mixture of red and white. I left the background pictures the same. In my mind the really let the viewer know real quick that this is a sports themed picture and with the soundboard I believe it gives the first impression of some kind of broadcasting show. Right now I’m starting out as a co-host to Sports Take which is on KUGR radio the day and time presented. I’m just starting out, but I feel that this is going to become a new passion/hobby of mine. I wanted to use this project to very well start my Adobe based skills using the various programs like Photoshop. Photoshop has many different tools that were showcased in the tutorials at the begging of the unit. I had a fun and hard time figuring them out. I felt that what I made here was the best I can do right now with my skill set. I used the clipping masks, to make the top and bottom picture separate, I made paths of the images of the running back and football which I did bring over to place on my image using the layers. I feel with more practice and the collection of more material to use and play with. I can increase my skill set in this program. I would like to say that this was pretty frustrating for me to do. Even though my design may seem simple I really figuring out how to make things work together for me was challenging. Though regardless of the outcome I am still proud of what I did.



The running back photo I got from

The grass background from

The radio board from

and the football from



NCAA College Sports Experience From A Fans Perspective.

As long as I can remember I have always been a Seattle Fan. From the loveable losers the Mariners to the recently successful Seahawks. I have always rooted for Seattle sports growing up and it has really became a staple in my life and my culture. I even grew up as a Washington Huskies fan. I have had family and friends attend the university. I was brought up on Husky culture from my friends to my parents and relatives I was always around it. When I was a sophomore at Lynden High School (Lynden, WA) we played football against a local athlete from Ferndale, Washington. This kid was already drafted as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, but his true passion was football and this kid was all over the field on both sides of the ball. Ferndale that year went undefeated and played against Prosser High School in the 3A Washington State Finals which had a another promising college prospect of Kellen Moore (who’s now a back up QB on the Cowboys). Ferndale in that game destroyed Prosser to end up winging the 2005 State Championship. That Ferndale athlete would eventually sign with UW and play QB for them for 5 years his name was Jake Locker. Jake coming from a small town in the same county as me had a huge influence on me. This really made me pay attention to the Huskies now that I knew a kid that was from the same county as me was on the team. It really was awesome to see a local kid making a name for himself on a national level. He ended up getting drafted 8th overall by the Tennessee Titans  in the 2011 NFL draft.   I’ve always loved the Huskies and they really became a part of my life when it came to sports. As we all grow older in life we start to experience new and different things.

Which brings me to why I chose this topic. I choose this topic to show the differences in fan culture of sports teams. I want to keep track of my time here at WSU and show others my experiences while learning to fall in love with a new team.  My goal for this project is to fully immerse myself with the die hard Cougar fans here in Pullman.  I also want to show the outsiders of the Cougar fan culture what is like to be a fan of this team and why WSU has a lot a pride in their sports programs. I plan on taking pictures and recording videos of the different tailgate events and a lot of pregame and postgame moments that we as fans go through. I will also get interviews of fans with topics of discussion of how they became cougar fans, and do they have any traditions surrounding their fandom of WSU.

I hope to show you all my progression as a fan from the start of the season to the end of the season. I hope we all can enjoy one of the greatest sports on earth together.

Go Cougs!

Photo from

Reflection Blog Post

  • What was your favorite project(s) during the semester? Please explain why.

My favorite project this semester was the Audition project with all the audio editing. This is because I am currently doing a radio show on KUGR so I was working with audio recordings and had now idea what to do with them. This project taught me how to edit and form audio clips together. Even though my project didn’t get full points I still learned a lot from the project. I even put what I learned to use in another class making a radio ad for my advertising project and it was pretty good. The professor used it as an example. So I learned a lot during this project and was super helpful. That is why it was my favorite.

  • What skills did you learn in the course that you believe you will use in the future?

Patience.  A lot of the projects had various tedious little tasks to do to make the project halfway decent. I got a little frustrated as well when the tutorials were not the same version of the adobe program I was using so it threw me off a few times. So I had to learn how to make mistakes and learn how to use things a different way then was instructed and I feel that my ability to stay patent and rough it out made me learn the programs eventually. Another skill I learned is editing. I learned how to make things look and flow better from video to audio clips. I learned editing is key to make your project look professional.

  • What coursework or career path do you see in your future? What skills or projects from this class may be influential in your chosen career path?

I really want to go into radio broadcasting. I like working with and being on the radio. My end goal though would be to have my own show. I think I can talk about any type of topic. Understanding how to create media is huge for broadcasting and everything in general. Knowing how to cleanup clips and photos is something everyone should have a general knowledge in especially with everything moving towards online.

All in all this has been a rewarding class to be in. I feel like I actually learned a skill instead of memorizing facts to take a test. I really enjoyed the process of making media. It challenged me to think outside of the box. I feel that this class gave me the knowledge of the basics of most of the programs that I will feel comfortable moving forward on my own as I create my own media.