Final Video Draft-Unit 4

This Unit has been an interesting one starting with frustration and ending with a sense of accomplishment. I learned through working on this project that there are a lot of factors going into filming that I never really thought about. Like story boards and camera angles as some examples of concepts I learned while working on this project. From my first video draft I didn’t really have enough solid footage. So a big change from my draft to my final is I got myself and Rick a friend of mine into the studio to quickly capture a take on this upcoming matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Jacksonville Jaguars. I felt that this was the best way to finish up the video with some actual footage of myself talking behind a microphone. I also noticed that a few of my critiques were to remove the background music when I was talking as it was distracting. Though I made the decision to keep it in. My video didn’t seem to have much to offer audio wise without that so I kept and it also made the scenes a bit more watchable. I added a few more video transitions to show my understanding on how to use the program. All in all I’m satisfied with my project. The hardest part about this unit was figuring out how to use the newer edition premiere when the tutorials provided were a bit outdated. So things weren’t that easy for me to figure out at first. Though with practice and effort I figured it out. What really liked was filming in general or looking for the right time to film. I also like using a few different filming angles trying to see how they would all look together. It turned into a puzzle trying to match them all together and it was really fun. I had a blast being on KUGR and as the semester ends I feel that from this class I did learn a lot about multimedia creation. I already used some of the things I’ve learned in this class for other projects in other classes so this was a great class to take.  I look forward to what ill get into next.


Jeremy Schuler

Music Provided by NoCopyrightSounds: JPB – High [NCS Release]

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