Video Draft Post Unit 4

This has been an interesting couple of weeks. I haven’t really had opportunities to get real good footage yet. Though with dead week coming up and a lot of chaos in my life dies down I think its going to be a good filming week moving forward for the final draft post. That being said for my video I went around campus finding shots of the brick buildings, because I really enjoy the sight of brick buildings it brings a super old school feeling to me like the early 1900’s time. I tried to get as many different angles when it came to the buildings. Using the 10 second sometime 30 second rule to capture the environment around campus. My topic for this semester has been based on my participation in KUGR. I wanted to capture the beauty found around campus and tell a quick story about my short time with KUGR. So I recorded my self narrating my experiences from the beginning. I used my mobile device to record the narration and touched it up on audition. I from there used what I had already edited using the raw footage from the earlier assignment to put together a short clip. I played around with a few transitions seeing what would work better and give some spice to this video. I switch to first person view while I walked up the stairs at Murrow in a sense trying to recreate the first time I went to KUGR. This is only a draft and is still under review that is why I put the to be continued page at the end. I want to see what critiques I get from my peers who can help me try different things that I did not think about. Though looking ahead for the final draft I want to actually get some footage of me actually in the studio. I think that would be a solid part of the story especially since I have almost a full minute until I reach the limit. I look forward to hearing your guys ideas to help me improve my product.

Look forward from hearing from you,

Jeremy Schuler

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3 thoughts on “Video Draft Post Unit 4

  1. The music was a great attention grabber. By having the music with large words to start of your video makes it really strong. As much as I love the music, I would turn it down just a bit so the viewer can focus on what you are saying instead of the music. I think your footage is great, it’s clear and you really did a great job of getting different shot angles. The way you are telling the story and putting it into perspective makes this video a whole lot cooler. When you are saying you were going up the stairs and you recorded the stairs makes the viewer feel what you felt. I really liked your video, it honestly looks like a final project to me I would not change much, just the volume on the music. You said in the intro of your paragraph that you did not get good footage, but I personal loved the video of the building with the sky moving in the background, look really professional.


  2. Jeremy, I love your editing! I think it really enhances your story and it flows nicely with your video. The footage you shot is really clear, I think the only thing that you might want to consider is holding the camera steady. I’m struggling with that to and I went out and bought a really crappy selfie stick for $5 and it has helped keep my shoots smooth. Your narration sounds clear as well. The audio sounds professional and it helps with your story since you are a part of the radio broadcast. The only thing I would change would be the music. I think it fits well with your intro and conclusion but it is distracting when you have it playing along with your narration. Play around with the audio tools and you can maybe keep the volume lower on the parts where your talking. Overall I love your video! I think its super clean and looks professional. I enjoy your story and think that you have done a great job so far!


  3. For my project I don’t really ever like my work I always think I can do more. Though during this unit, I found that shooting good video and getting good shots is hard than it looks. Being the radio its hard to get shots of myself doing talk radio so for my final draft I’m working on incorporating some footage of myself talking on the radio behind the mic and everything. I know my footage seems to be shaking though I like to think I’m going for the Cloverfield/Blair Witch style of shooting. Though in all honesty I’m trying to get the next clips moving forward to be steadier. Seeing that a commenter brought that up. I also saw from the critique the TA gave me how I need to complete the story and bring more substance to my video. So, adding those clips of me on the radio followed by more narration and possible ending with me talking on the camera interview style. I think would be a cool way to end the video. I will also work on the music volume during my video as some of my comments said it was hard to hear me talk or distracting. Though I like the touch the music brings. Though ill find a happy medium. I’m excited to work further on this project and finish strong.
    Thanks for the critique,
    Jeremy Schuler


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