Reflection Blog Post

  • What was your favorite project(s) during the semester? Please explain why.

My favorite project this semester was the Audition project with all the audio editing. This is because I am currently doing a radio show on KUGR so I was working with audio recordings and had now idea what to do with them. This project taught me how to edit and form audio clips together. Even though my project didn’t get full points I still learned a lot from the project. I even put what I learned to use in another class making a radio ad for my advertising project and it was pretty good. The professor used it as an example. So I learned a lot during this project and was super helpful. That is why it was my favorite.

  • What skills did you learn in the course that you believe you will use in the future?

Patience.  A lot of the projects had various tedious little tasks to do to make the project halfway decent. I got a little frustrated as well when the tutorials were not the same version of the adobe program I was using so it threw me off a few times. So I had to learn how to make mistakes and learn how to use things a different way then was instructed and I feel that my ability to stay patent and rough it out made me learn the programs eventually. Another skill I learned is editing. I learned how to make things look and flow better from video to audio clips. I learned editing is key to make your project look professional.

  • What coursework or career path do you see in your future? What skills or projects from this class may be influential in your chosen career path?

I really want to go into radio broadcasting. I like working with and being on the radio. My end goal though would be to have my own show. I think I can talk about any type of topic. Understanding how to create media is huge for broadcasting and everything in general. Knowing how to cleanup clips and photos is something everyone should have a general knowledge in especially with everything moving towards online.

All in all this has been a rewarding class to be in. I feel like I actually learned a skill instead of memorizing facts to take a test. I really enjoyed the process of making media. It challenged me to think outside of the box. I feel that this class gave me the knowledge of the basics of most of the programs that I will feel comfortable moving forward on my own as I create my own media.

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