Unit 2 Logo Draft

When I originally was sketching out logos for what direction I wanted to go with my logo I picked a bearded face with a hat, because well I’m a veteran and most vets have beards and big bushy ones as well. Especially ones that just got out of the military after shaving for so long. I have limited skills when it comes to Illustrator as I’m finding out. I couldn’t really find a way to make a beard the way that I really wanted too. So I just started messing around with illustrator trying to find a logo idea. I wanted at first, to make a logo that was abstract. Like an Image or a Symbol for my show.  I made what looked like a robot head with a triangle with slashes inside the triangle made of multiple colors. I wanted my logo to be colorful. I feel a colorful logo really attracts the eyes of people. I then tried to focus on my projects focus around radio and I found a old school looking mic on the internet just to see the shapes and maybe how to draw it. It didn’t turn out like I hoped so I then went to image and traced and expanded it. I then copied the parts that were left over from the dark spots of the microphone and placed it in illustrator and started messing around with it. I tried to make it look orange in the background to bring color which was my focus into my logo. In my opinion it ended up looking like a tiger egg. I started thinking my audience wouldn’t respond well to it so I shifted my focus to making a simpler logo for a bases. I removed the color orange from the microphone and added some rings around it and some titles I made with type and I stopped there. It was a simple design, and I think the simpler the better. Especially if you have no bases to build upon. Just look at the Nike swoosh they didn’t like their logo and it was a simple design and now its an icon. Below is my logo.

I would like to give credit for helping me get a design for my logo for those black marks that are supposed to be a microphone which I got from: https://pixabay.com/en/microphone-talk-speak-record-radio-1295666/Logo



4 thoughts on “Unit 2 Logo Draft

  1. Really like your design a lot! Like you I also had to change my design but yours looks so good! When I first glanced at it I didn’t really know what “KUGR” meant and if that was the name for a radio talk show of some sort but otherwise really like how simple the design is. I would possibly get rid of the “sports take” maybe or move it around on the design because I couldn’t really see it when I looked at the overall picture of your design. I would also possibly add more color to the overall design too or maybe you just wanted black and red I don’t know but it’s up to you! Other than that it looks really good and I have no idea how you did the mic because it looks so good !!! Really good job!


  2. From the critiques I got from my classmates I’m thinking about maybe focusing the design more around sports take. Which is the name of my radio show. So, I am thinking of moving the wording around to see if I like it being presented another way. I really want the viewer to know what they are looking at and what show this is a logo of. I wanted to go a more colorful route, but I like how the black inner outlines of the mic I used looks with the red circle. Again, I’m going to address one critique of the sports take location. I thought at first that it was a good spot. I am know going to explore a way to make that name stand out more. I have an idea of making seem like a voice coming out of the microphone. Or something along those lines. I really like my logo. I don’t think there is much more I want to do, but I am open to hearing out suggestions.
    Jeremy Schuler.


  3. Jeremy, first of all I really like that you modeled your logo after an old microphone, it clearly illustrates what your topic is and it draws attention. I do think that you should include more color so that you can bring more vibrancy to your logo so that you avoid making it seem too plain. A great way to do this would be adding color to the background behind your microphone inside the circle. This could be a simple color like gray. I would also recommend vectoring the red circle around your microphone so that it appears clear and crisp and less blurry. I also think that you should either center “KUGR” on the top of your logo or put it on the left top side of your circle and then adding “sports take” beside it. Lastly, it might be good to get your text to be a more similar shade of red so that it seems more connected to the logo overall. All and all very great work!


  4. Hey Jeremy,
    This logo is so awesome! I seriously love it. I am majoring in Journalism and Media Production and my focus is sports broadcasting, so I found this logo particularly cool. I really like the microphone aspect of it. I looked at it before reading your paragraph and I loved going back to it and reading the way that you made this, especially how you went about the getting that structure of the microphone. I also like how “KUGR” is in the corner and “SPORTS TAKE” is at the bottom. From my perspective, this is a standard logo that the entire station could use. They could simply replace “SPORTS TAKE” with any other segment and it would still work perfectly! Really impressive. Also, what does a tiger egg look like? I think I might be missing something here but that’s okay. I appreciate the simplicity of this logo, but if theres one thing I would change it would be the blurriness of the red circle that surrounds the microphone.


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