Final Draft For Project 1

Finally, we have made it here to the final draft of my unit 1 project. With the first draft I used the feedback I got to really make the text in my project stand out. I remember in the tutorials using the box tool to make a label like square to make the text stand out. So I decided to add the red boxes as labels, because red stands out and I like the simple colors mixture of red and white. I left the background pictures the same. In my mind the really let the viewer know real quick that this is a sports themed picture and with the soundboard I believe it gives the first impression of some kind of broadcasting show. Right now I’m starting out as a co-host to Sports Take which is on KUGR radio the day and time presented. I’m just starting out, but I feel that this is going to become a new passion/hobby of mine. I wanted to use this project to very well start my Adobe based skills using the various programs like Photoshop. Photoshop has many different tools that were showcased in the tutorials at the begging of the unit. I had a fun and hard time figuring them out. I felt that what I made here was the best I can do right now with my skill set. I used the clipping masks, to make the top and bottom picture separate, I made paths of the images of the running back and football which I did bring over to place on my image using the layers. I feel with more practice and the collection of more material to use and play with. I can increase my skill set in this program. I would like to say that this was pretty frustrating for me to do. Even though my design may seem simple I really figuring out how to make things work together for me was challenging. Though regardless of the outcome I am still proud of what I did.



The running back photo I got from

The grass background from

The radio board from

and the football from



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