NCAA College Sports Experience From A Fans Perspective.

As long as I can remember I have always been a Seattle Fan. From the loveable losers the Mariners to the recently successful Seahawks. I have always rooted for Seattle sports growing up and it has really became a staple in my life and my culture. I even grew up as a Washington Huskies fan. I have had family and friends attend the university. I was brought up on Husky culture from my friends to my parents and relatives I was always around it. When I was a sophomore at Lynden High School (Lynden, WA) we played football against a local athlete from Ferndale, Washington. This kid was already drafted as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, but his true passion was football and this kid was all over the field on both sides of the ball. Ferndale that year went undefeated and played against Prosser High School in the 3A Washington State Finals which had a another promising college prospect of Kellen Moore (who’s now a back up QB on the Cowboys). Ferndale in that game destroyed Prosser to end up winging the 2005 State Championship. That Ferndale athlete would eventually sign with UW and play QB for them for 5 years his name was Jake Locker. Jake coming from a small town in the same county as me had a huge influence on me. This really made me pay attention to the Huskies now that I knew a kid that was from the same county as me was on the team. It really was awesome to see a local kid making a name for himself on a national level. He ended up getting drafted 8th overall by the Tennessee Titans  in the 2011 NFL draft.   I’ve always loved the Huskies and they really became a part of my life when it came to sports. As we all grow older in life we start to experience new and different things.

Which brings me to why I chose this topic. I choose this topic to show the differences in fan culture of sports teams. I want to keep track of my time here at WSU and show others my experiences while learning to fall in love with a new team.  My goal for this project is to fully immerse myself with the die hard Cougar fans here in Pullman.  I also want to show the outsiders of the Cougar fan culture what is like to be a fan of this team and why WSU has a lot a pride in their sports programs. I plan on taking pictures and recording videos of the different tailgate events and a lot of pregame and postgame moments that we as fans go through. I will also get interviews of fans with topics of discussion of how they became cougar fans, and do they have any traditions surrounding their fandom of WSU.

I hope to show you all my progression as a fan from the start of the season to the end of the season. I hope we all can enjoy one of the greatest sports on earth together.

Go Cougs!

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