Final Draft Post-Audition

For the final draft I took some advice from the comments and critique I received and made some changes. I first added some background music which I found a free to use song on YouTube that I felt would fit. I then made it fade in at the intro and fade out at the outro. I also wanted to add some kind of radio intro. So I did my best deep cliché voice that we always hear on the radio for my introduction to the show. I kept the old post content, which was already spliced and fit together to keep the flow of the conversation going. There were a lot of pauses and dead space that really made the interview sound choppy. So I deleted some of the dead space and filler words to make it smoother. I wanted to take some of the techniques I learned from the tutorials and apply them to my draft.  So I recorded myself giving a quick description of what each sound clip was about. I feel that my computer microphone seems to be a different quality then my smart phone microphone which is the only thing I didn’t really like about my post. Though I wanted to keep sound quality changing to demonstrate my ability to fit different recordings together. The last part of my clip is just myself talking about the week 7 of the NFL season which was a wild one. I wanted to add a plug for my show at the end. So I recorded myself with my pitch and had the music return to add some character to the recording. I basically used different clips and tied them in all together to make them sound the way I wanted them too. I think with a little more practice with this program I can make some good quality recordings in the future.

The music in the background I got from a free to use source on YouTube.

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