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The audio attached is a interview with a casual fan of the Seahawks Jake Carney. I wanted to get a perspective on the Seahawks from someone that is not a huge sports fan. I find it interesting on how the team and players are viewed from someone that doesn’t follow the team as closely as some of the other hardcore fans who can name the starting offensive line and the back ups and even throw out names of players that the Seahawks should pick up. With the second part of the recording I used a sample of a take from my show about the NFL. I talked about how surprising and unpredictable the season has been. I recorded myself introducing each clip, because that was what I learned in the tutorials. I wanted to get one interview and one narration as to demonstrate a contrast in what radio broadcasters may play on air. I also edited the interview to cut out the spaces in between responses and explanations so it would be more fluid and not stagnate. Though this is just a draft, I have another show coming up this next Tuesday so I may collect better material. I also am thinking about adding some music tones I find in the commons to kind of simulate a radio ad you may hear and use it to plug my show on KUGR.  I not all the way satisfied with the content I collected so I might go and maybe interview a writer and student broadcaster for WSU at the football games for my final draft. My goal with this is to give some insight in what it takes to prepare to call games or do a radio show. Also to help me grow as a interviewer and broadcaster. I look forward to working on this project further.

4 thoughts on “Audition Story Draft

  1. I really like the idea for your draft! I think you did a good job of incorporating different audios and not just sticking to one interview. I think that definitely adds more depth and versatility to your product. I do think your project just needs a bit more beginning middle and end attributes. For example, maybe your introduction could be about what your audio will consist of so that the listener knows what to expect. Your body is your content and that is already there which is great! The last clip just kind of cuts off randomly and so for your final just adding a conclusion will tie the whole project together. I think overall you know what you’re doing, especially having a show on KUGR, you know what content to include and stuff which is great. The transition between clips might be a little choppy so that might be one thing to look at but other than that your project looks great! And I also agree with your idea of adding intro music or background music. I think that will liven up your project and make it really exciting to listen to, helping to intrigue the listener. Maybe even adding sound effects of like a newscast or sportscenter would be cool.


  2. My draft was really just a draft to get ideas out there to see what other people thought. I only had one reply so far, and it was really about adding some music to my audio to make seem more like a sports center type of clip and also work on my transitions. In my draft post I touch base on wanting to add something to my background of my audio like a music clip so that is something I’m going to try and figure out how to do. Since the copyright laws limit what I can do. I will look on the media commons for some free to use music clips and ty it in to my clip as I give a sendoff. I also am going to touch up my transitions to make them flow better and not come so abruptly. I think if I work on those two things I can produce a solid final draft and maybe even get full points this time. Though that’s on me. I hope you all enjoy my final work.
    Jeremy Schuler


  3. I’m a sports guy and my team is the Seahawks, so my opinion is slightly biased in a sense but my attention was caught. The content of the interviewee was engaging and it felt like he expressed his opinion and it wasn’t scripted, I do also like the little thumbnail of the talk show radio, defiantly adds to the factory. One thing I noticed right away is that both people in this clip were recorder on two separate devices, one was recorded more in HD than the other, defiantly something you want to fix but I do have a suggestion. There may be a filter of some type to make the higher quality voice sound like it comes from an AM radio, that way you can justify it being a part of the story. And if possible between voices, put some background noise to make the transition a little more smoother and more natural.


  4. Okay Jeremy, you and your guest made some really good points in your rough draft that I can definitely relate to. I can tell that you choose a theme for this course that really interests you so that was a good move by yourself. Some advice I could give you for your final draft would just be maybe having an exit at the end of the video, just so it doesn’t just end out of nowhere. Also, you could go through where your guest was speaking and try to cut out all the unnecessary words and silences, like “uh”. As well as raise his clips volume so that it close or matching the audio from your voice in the other clips. Other than that I do not really know what else you can do to improve, this is already a really good rough draft. But I might have to say Russ is more of a leader aha.


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